Boulder, CO

The Boulder Fire Training Center is located adjacent to the City of Boulder reservoir and provides facilities which serve the city and the surrounding fire districts.  The purpose of the facility is to provide a location to train first responders in a controlled environment on the hazards they may encounter while performing their duties for the residents on the jurisdiction. 

The facility includes classrooms and administrative areas in a 18,000 SF training building, props to simulate structure fires, flammable liquids fires, towers for laddering, lowering, search and rescue, in addition to an EVAP area and pump test pit.

The circle- which is the most compact geometrical shape- laid the groundwork for the site’s highly efficient design.  With the administration building and observation room positioned dead center, multiple props fan out in a radial patter, which allows staff to directly monitor training exercises within the drill area.  Also, the site’s road design eliminates overlap of multidirectional traffic.

Adjacent to the 2,700 SF burn building is a 8,700 SF 5-story tower.  Features of the tower include:

Removeable floor systems for tower flexibility
Cast concrete stairs
Pitched and flat roof ventilation props
Standpipe and mock sprinkler system
Breach props
Mock elevator
Repelling anchors
Scuppered drainage system

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