Central Pierce Fire & Rescue covers over 84 square miles and provides service to over 198,000 citizens including the communities of Puyallup, Parkland, Spanaway, Midland, Summit and Fredrickson.  Following the pre-bond work prepared by Bremerton firm RFM in 2014, fire station design specialist TCA Architecture Planning was selected to provide the actual programming, site selection, cost management, design and construction administration services for 5 fire stations, a training tower and various miscellaneous projects fund by the bond. Taking a tiered project approach, TCA developed an overall “kit of parts” program/design manual to ensure operational consistency, streamlined long-term maintenance and design and construction efficiencies. After developing a land acquisition strategy and master schedule, a tiered design and construction process began which allowed for the design of site specific individual station needs as paired sequential designs and construction schedules commenced. To date, three facilities have been or are nearing construction completion, and two stations are in the permitting process; Other miscellaneous projects have been completed. The more significant projects include: Station 60 a 21,500 SF HQ & training tower with multiple fire props, Station 63, a 8,400 SF neighborhood station located on a cleaned up mill site in Midland, Station 72, a 18,800 SF battalion station in Puyallup which is designed as part of an emerging urban center, Station 71 a renovated neighborhood station owned by the City of Puyallup, and Station 61 a 21,500 SF battalion station which includes a new IT department for the Department.

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