Salt Lake city fire station 3

Salt Lake City, UT

As a recognized leader in the optimization of energy reduction in fire station design, TCA was sought out by Salt Lake City in conjunction with Blalock and Partners to design two operationally driven Zero Net Energy (ZNE) fire stations to align with their “Climate Positive 2040” plan. The implemented design solutions will generate more energy than what they consume. Salt Lake City is committed to lead on climate change and act in ways that bolster the long-term vitality of their community and the health of our planet. Operationally, the stations are both two-story, multi-company facilities which additionally support the Salt Lake City Police Department in varying capacities.

Station 3 can accommodate up to 10 personnel and incorporate features such as fire poles for efficient turnout, clear separation and management of internal contaminates, state of the art resilient back-up power supply tied into a 110 kw PV array, ground source heat, flexible steel framed structural systems to future proof the stations over time, triple glazed windows, and cleanable, durable finishes to limit wear and allow for optimal station sanitization. Station 3 is designed to provide a strong civic presence and are uniquely tied into their urban fabric. Additionally the station connects to its neighborhoods by providing a community accessible food source and a reduction in their environmental footprints using shared parking strategies. The station is targeting a minimum of LEED Gold certification.

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