Issaquah, WA

Fire Station 72 provides a pedestrian friendly street frontage that further defines an urban edge along Maple Street in Issaquah
Beyond providing an operationally sound facility, this LEED Platinum fire station is designed with the particular goal of creating a Zero Net Energy operationally carbon neutral facility by incorporating sustainable building strategies and focusing on highly energy efficient electrical and HVAC systems.

The station, designed to use less than 70% energy than a typical station, incorporates a geothermal heat pump system for heating and cooling, natural ventilation, solar hot water, a rainwater catchment system (for irrigation, toilet flushing, washing apparatus and hose bibs), and photovoltaics for generating a significant portion of the power for the facility.

The 11,400 SF two-story fire station includes six sleeping rooms, three drive-thru Apparatus Bays, and parking spaces for visitors and crew. Located immediately north of the Issaquah Transit Center on Maple Street, the relatively flat 0.63 acre site has a high water table which will require that the building be constructed with a mat slab.

The project was awarded the ASHRAE National Technology Award.

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