Lancaster, TX

A multi-disciplinary team of architects and engineers worked to develop this 46,000 SF combined Public Safety Building achieving the rare goal of becoming greater than the sum of its parts.

Located in a park-like campus of other community facilities, Lancaster City’s objective was to create a building which stood out and became a visual icon for the community; a building which shows how the City departments can work together under a single roof. The project is designed to accommodate fire and police administration, a police precinct, a fire station, an emergency operations center, and a dispatch center.

The project team developed an organizationally driven building including shared space, common space and secure department specific areas as opposed to multiple departmental driven designs. The facility was organized to optimize and control solar heat gain and respond to wind patterns prevalent in the area. It also incorporates sustainable design goals such as the use of recycled materials, enhancement of indoor air quality, and the use of energy efficient systems.

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